Waking Up

 Counseling With Joshua Nash, LPC-S

To feel successful in my duties, I must effectively encourage my clients towards increasing their innate curiousity.  An effective and authentic counseling experience is one of immersion.  It involves honestly and bravely exploring hidden aspects of oneself in order to find beauty where only murky depths existed before.

I have had the pleasure of working with a varied group of people since beginning my career in 2007.  After graduating from Texas State University, I started my first counseling job at Phoenix Academy.  I worked with adolescents living in an inpatient drug treatment facility. Working alongside my teenage clients, their parents, and a talented group of professionals, I learned a great deal about the dynamics of substance abuse issues and how they systematically effect relationships.  My three years there taught me the virtue of getting out of your own way so that genuine compassion and thoughtful decision-making can occur.

Feeling ready to move on, I began working for Providence Service Corporation.  This job exposed me to clients struggling with financial and emotional uncertainties, domestic violence, relationship concerns, all manner of mood disorders, and parenting issues.  I was able to work with people from all walks of life, learning that no matter what life throws at us,  we possess much more strength and perserverance than we usually acknowledge.  If I had to choose the biggest learning experience from this job, I'd have to say that I learned that the power of change dwells within.  If you don't want to change, you won't change.

During my time working for Providence, I also began dabbling in contract counseling.  Working as a contract counselor is much like "private practice light."  Contract counselors have many of the trappings of working in a private practice, but without all the risks of being completely on your own.  I worked for The SIMS Foundation, counseling local musicians, and various other community clinics. I received invaluable experience counseling individuals and couples working through a wide range of issues.  I learned that we all have much more in common than not.  I also learned that everyone has the innate capacity for greatness and they we all yearn for a place we might describe as peace.  Or coming home.

I am married, which I believe gives me much insight to offer my couples clients.  We have three cats and two dogs. I enjoy working out, reading, and playing video and board games.  I generally have good days, but I'm not above overreacting or telling myself a story that turns me anxious.  In short, I'm human.  I know that being truly human means learning who we really are and letting go of what we aren't.