Waking Up

 Counseling With Joshua Nash, LPC-S

          My Counseling Style

I come from a solution-focused orientation. It is my intent to help you engage your higher self and teach you how to tap inner strength that leads to inevitable and positive change.

I'm very active in session. I believe in asking lots of questions and I believe that out-of-session tasks-"homework"-speeds up the change process.

Figuring out what we really want and then learning what steps to take to make those desires a reality can prove difficult and frustrating. I'd like to help you learn to tolerate discomfort and increase resiliency. 

Discover what you are meant to BE.



Mood Disruptions: Depression, Anxiety, Anger Issues

Couples Counseling

Spiritually-Based Focus: Meditation and Mindfulness Training

Life Transition Issues

Stress Reduction

Individual Adults and Teenagers